After the chasing race Bitcoin has won, Ethereum comes second backing the second largest market cap. It is tempting the investors to naturally flock to this demand. Whenever you are choosing a digital wallet for your cryptocurrencies, always make sure that they have the following features.
1. Private keys.
2. User friendly
3. The wallet should be developed and updated constantly

  1. Security
  2. Compatibility.


If you don’t loom for these features in your wallet, then you are surely putting them and yourself into great risk. 


  1. Ledger Nano X
    This one the wallet which will make you live every trade you make in 2020. It is the most recommended and the best till date. The Hardware wallet has been the king of this industry and they do support ethereum currency including the tokens.

Apart from Etheruem coins, you can store most of the other cryptocurrencies too. The above picture is the Ledger Nano X. Previous model before Nano X was Nano S. Nano S did not have battery and it could not be connected to the phone in anyway. Hence Nano X was released with battery and Bluetooth connection. 



  • Trezor
    It was actually invented for Bitcoins but now the software can be used foe Ethereum as well. Ethereum can be stored offline too on a secure chip which the device has. The chip can be activated with a password. The device is easy to use and light. Portability of the device is very good. 




  • Atomic Wallet
    If you wish to go for a Desktop or an online wallet, then Atomic wallet will be the best thing you could come across on the internet. The wallet has features to store, exchange and buy etheruem with you credit/debit card. You can even swap currencies with your friend or any other user. It is a decentralized way of exchange. The wallet supports over 300 currencies. The security provided by this wallet is high and gives you a very good access over your funds. The wallet can be accessed almost on an version of desktop or phone. 




  • Gaurda
    This non-custodian wallet is also a good choice for storing your cryptocurrencies. The wallet has been developed with an intuitive interface and hence guarantees the best type of protection. It is available on all versions of windows, android and IOS.
    The set up of Gaurda will ensure you that no one else can get access to your wallet. You will be given a private key as well. the control is given in your hands. You do not need to fill any personal information in order to use this wallet. 




  • Argent
    It is one of the most modern wallet when it comes to storing etheruem. This non-custodial wallet can be used by entering your E-mail ID, address and mobile number. A very buy in feature of this wallet is that it lets you lend Ethereums to your friend or family and lets you accumulate interest. It is very user friendly and can be used by beginners as well.




  • Exodus
    The world’s first multi-cryptocurrency wallet has multiple features with which you will start to enjoy trading. It has an attractive interface. It gives you pie char analysis of your entire portfolio. The app or desktop wallet cannot be used without internet. It cannot be used offline. Entering your personal details to access is a choice on this software. Privacy and security is maintained in this software. You can send and receive fund to your friends or contacts too. 



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