Is XRP still a good investment?

XRP or ripple is currently the 3rd mist valuable cryptocurrency in the world according to some source. The main aim of Ripple is to transact and receive money through banks and receive money through any banks possibly near every corner of the world instantly at a very low cost, using XRP cryptocurrency. 

In the mega world of virtual coins or so popularly called as cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is headed with the king’s crown due to it’s high price. But now, as you can competition is almost everywhere so , to compete many other cryptocurrencies have been made in the past few years which also includes Ripple. 

Ripple on the trading platform is named as ‘XRP’ . Invest is both good or bad depending upon the product that you have to invest. 

For me, it’s still a good investment but before reaching any conclusion you should began to search on this for the sake of your satisfaction. 

It transfers money almost instantly whether it had to be reached cross border or internationally at almost low cost for e.g. you can send 1 lakh rupees to someone who is living in other country in just a nanosecond and it will cost you less than 1 cent unlike other banks which transfers money across other country in 1-2 days at high cost. 

Ripple is safe because it has partnership with over 100 banks that includes Bank of America, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, American Express etc. 

The transaction led by XRP is binded peer- to- peer so there is no question of failure. 

XRP is really a good investment and it can be proved by the following points: 

  1. It is Valentine of several banks: 

Several banks have also started to use ripple as a money transfer among other banks . They found Ripple very safe and secure way to transfer money. Here are the name of some banks that uses ripple method for money transferring like Axis bank, Credit Union , MUFG , Cambridge Global Payment etc. 

  1. Centralized company own ripple: 

Due to it’s centralization with Ripple Labs, it is safe method of investment unlike the bitcoin which are decentralized and has no connection with any bank. 

Other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is not controlled by any Central or governmental authority so it’s not safe to invest in them because if you are facing only losses then your condition will be really poor and miserable but in the case of Ripple, scenario is very different. As it has huge connection with it’s own Ripple Labs that atleast provide money security. 

  1. Has it’s own PR department: 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it has it’s own PR department that us always there for promotional strategy of your product. So, if you that your investment should made a good response then you can surely trust Ripple Marketing Strategy. 

  1. Lower transaction fees: 

Everybody in this world want to save every single penny as much as possible. When the matter comes of investment everyone pray to Almighty God that God! Please, atleast lower the transaction fees of investment so that I can add this extra money somewhere else to do some important work. 

So, Almighty God has heard your innocent prayer and introduced his blessings in form of Ripple because it’s transaction fees is less than a penny and this feature makes it one of the toughest competitor among all the cryptocurrencies. 

Ripple is one of highly praised cryptocurrency and is almost very safe to use because of it’s peer to peer technology. 


I can actually see that future of Ripple is bright be it in investment or other things due to it’s tie up with many banks, less transaction fees, nanosecond transfer technology. 

So, if you are planning to invest in XRP Futures or even BTC Futures, you can easily buy it from BitPanda using cash if you are living in Europe or from CEX using cash from any corner of the world. Build a strong profile, nurture your marketing strategy, see the market behavior before in any company so that you are assured with your profit. The following are the some point that is being concluded: 

  1. It is gaining popularity above other cryptocurrencies. 2. Ripple is popularly called as XRP on trading platform. 3. For investment, ripple is a good idea. 4. It has it’s tie up with many banks that are very eminent thereby providing 

you security of money. 5. A centralized company will own Ripple, named as Ripple Labs. 6. It has very low transaction fees so you can easily save your money. 7. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is governed by many banks so you need 

not to worry about your invested money. 8. But, for proper investment you should possess proper skills otherwise your 

money will be surely wasted and you will always facing losses. 


With the new advances in the digital market, the Blockchain innovation has made a major buzz all over the world. Even though there are a number of articles and pages about the blockchains, Bitcoin and related advances, majority people around the world are yet to familiarize them about this topic. As for the real estate sector, this technology has taken them by surprise as it has turned into a piece of almost fearless, current, befuddling universe of innovation. Blockchains has turned them into a new revolution just like when the web was first introduced. There is lots of revolutionary innovation that would not just extend its wings in the general population but also to every individual in any organizations. Blockchains make your information absolutely secure. There is no chance of a fraud being committed and as the data given is the same over numerous PCs or servers publically which is the ultimate plus point of this technology. 

However, this technology is bound to take the world by surprise as total shift away from the customary methods of how we usually go about our daily business. Instead of a focal institution, it places your trust and authority in a circulated system.  This would free any requirement for a middle man for a blockchain based universe of exchanges system. This will exempt any involvement from the banks, governments, safety net providers, agents, legal officials and even paper money. This means that the blockchain takes this component of the exchange over from the experts and their involvement.   Through a distributed ledger, you can enable unique monetary data to be exchanged. The blockchain gives full disclosure as the entire history of these exchanges would be followed by the blockchain which is which is accusable for the general public. It can be so that in a few years the foundations of the focal point of current exchange will even stop to exist. 

One of the sectors which have been really helped by the crypto currency is the real estate sector. There are numerous ventures that are relied upon the extraordinary utilization of blockchain. With this, the need of a broker or diligence will vanish when this innovation is adopted among the people.  All information which is vital for an exchange is kept in the database. It is effectively accessible for the customer and the vendor at the same time. The significant data about costs of tantamount items are accessible for everybody and not limited for a couple of individuals. There will be no danger of fraudulent activities. The system gives you a total transparent system of real estate ownership. It records the information precisely and gives you proof of the proprietor’s identity. Additionally it is more secure, simple and easy to sell the property. Just like how installments between parties are dealt with utilizing digital currency is done through Bitcoin, blockchains can deal with property exchange in the same manner. 

However, it is true that the transactions cannot be done right away as the use is not that widespread. What really needed is the groundbreaking real estate firm to lead the way and persuade the majority that blockchain is the right way to take. It would also require the wide acceptance of people and the cooperation of the government to make this a reality. However, even with all the good points, there are certainly some negative points to take care as well. This is an extremely sensitive but indeed an extremely vital step. It will not be easy to achieve so easily but slowly and steadily, the blockchain system is making its presence known. 



After the chasing race Bitcoin has won, Ethereum comes second backing the second largest market cap. It is tempting the investors to naturally flock to this demand. Whenever you are choosing a digital wallet for your cryptocurrencies, always make sure that they have the following features.
1. Private keys.
2. User friendly
3. The wallet should be developed and updated constantly

  1. Security
  2. Compatibility.


If you don’t loom for these features in your wallet, then you are surely putting them and yourself into great risk. 


  1. Ledger Nano X
    This one the wallet which will make you live every trade you make in 2020. It is the most recommended and the best till date. The Hardware wallet has been the king of this industry and they do support ethereum currency including the tokens.

Apart from Etheruem coins, you can store most of the other cryptocurrencies too. The above picture is the Ledger Nano X. Previous model before Nano X was Nano S. Nano S did not have battery and it could not be connected to the phone in anyway. Hence Nano X was released with battery and Bluetooth connection. 



  • Trezor
    It was actually invented for Bitcoins but now the software can be used foe Ethereum as well. Ethereum can be stored offline too on a secure chip which the device has. The chip can be activated with a password. The device is easy to use and light. Portability of the device is very good. 




  • Atomic Wallet
    If you wish to go for a Desktop or an online wallet, then Atomic wallet will be the best thing you could come across on the internet. The wallet has features to store, exchange and buy etheruem with you credit/debit card. You can even swap currencies with your friend or any other user. It is a decentralized way of exchange. The wallet supports over 300 currencies. The security provided by this wallet is high and gives you a very good access over your funds. The wallet can be accessed almost on an version of desktop or phone. 




  • Gaurda
    This non-custodian wallet is also a good choice for storing your cryptocurrencies. The wallet has been developed with an intuitive interface and hence guarantees the best type of protection. It is available on all versions of windows, android and IOS.
    The set up of Gaurda will ensure you that no one else can get access to your wallet. You will be given a private key as well. the control is given in your hands. You do not need to fill any personal information in order to use this wallet. 




  • Argent
    It is one of the most modern wallet when it comes to storing etheruem. This non-custodial wallet can be used by entering your E-mail ID, address and mobile number. A very buy in feature of this wallet is that it lets you lend Ethereums to your friend or family and lets you accumulate interest. It is very user friendly and can be used by beginners as well.




  • Exodus
    The world’s first multi-cryptocurrency wallet has multiple features with which you will start to enjoy trading. It has an attractive interface. It gives you pie char analysis of your entire portfolio. The app or desktop wallet cannot be used without internet. It cannot be used offline. Entering your personal details to access is a choice on this software. Privacy and security is maintained in this software. You can send and receive fund to your friends or contacts too. 



Best altcoin future trading platforms

The great industry is taking an upturn in the last years. Though it had a big dip in 2018 it is actually turning its way around and climbing up the ladder to become one of the most promising technologies introduced worldwide. If you are thinking about investing in altcoins then it is crucial that you know your way around the market. However with so many altcoins out in the industry the question is where the investors are going to invest their altcoins. To trade your altcoins you need to be aware of the platforms. 

Cryptocurrency market has proved itself to be quite potential and people are starting to see that the digital currencies are the next big thing.

When it comes to trading altcoins there are many exchanges which are available. One of the most popular sites to exchange altcoins on which any OS can trade is apart from this you also have, and Binance.

One of the most well known cryptocurrency is Ethereum which is probably the second most widely known cryptocurrency. The platform was envisioned by Vitalik Buterin and implemented by a talented team of developers. The intention is to provide a blockchain with a built-in full-fledged turning complete programming language which is to be created for contracts. The platform has a significant aspect of blockchain technology with transaction term.

 Next we have VeChain or VET. This is a platform which is focused on enterprise and blockchain that provide solution for the supply of chain industry. It provides inventory, tracking and quality protocol as well. The enterprises adaptation of blockchain technology is increasing every day as a result and the solution of technology can be provided as well. Platform services come at a prime time when blockchain adaptation is increasing worldwide for enterprise. Restart from office to investors two tokens for different aspects of operations. The first one is VET and the other is VHTO. Vechain has proven itself to be an integral part of the world economy as it continues to increase the enterprise adaptation of blockchain technology. We can expect that the value is going to raise in 2020.However In terms of security the platform still needs some improvement.

Next we have Insights Network or INSTAR. This is a free returning platform which is actually pretty popular way of investing without committing any fee at your crypto. It was introduced in 2019 as a new method of earning free crypto which also made it the best free crypto earning platform. It has decidedly one of the best platforms to start or continue your cryptocurrency journey as it is a low risk investment setup. Recently that has added EOS Amazon token option for us users. More improvements are expected from the platform in 2020 as it is expected to expand its EOS earning options to other regions.

Lastly we have MXC. This is a platform which focuses on data exchange in the decentralized ecosystem. Data exchange is a very crucial aspect in every industry. Therefore it is not surprising that MXC has emerged as one of the largest IoT data exchange platforms in the world. The platform is emerging as to provide solutions to present and future problems. It is likely to remain relevant as data innovation has increased in popularity in 2020 and beyond.

The big names there are also other platforms where you can trade your future altcoins. However dealing with trading platforms for old coins can be a bit of a tricky task. Therefore you should do your own research and proper studies for you stick to any commitment.