About Pettycoin

Pettycoin is an experimental open source project to create a public, scalable off-bitcoin network for small bitcoin transactions. It currently only runs on a test network. (more...)

Gateways pass bitcoins between the bitcoin and pettycoin networks. Pettycoin uses cut-down bitcoin transactions, which are divided into shards. Miners need to know all the shards, but normal nodes only need the shards for their addresses (but if they find a problem they can prove it to all the other nodes).

Pettycoin transactions may opt to pay a 0.3% fee to support the miners. Transactions which are not spent within a month are returned to the bitcoin network by the gateways.

The current code is not ready for real usage! For more answers, see the complete FAQ.


Pettycoin is Free and Open Source, and the source code is available on GitHub!

There are no binaries yet, because you don't want to run this unless you're a developer with a high pain tolerance!

Development Information

Pettycoin is under active development, as you can read on the development blog. You don't need to ask permission, just jump in! The friendly core devs all strive to live by Wheaton's Law, and we love patches!

We have a code of conduct, and there's also a development mailing list, a chat channel #pettycoin on Freenode (with provided Freenode web interface), and a github bugtracker.

Horribly insecure, unreliable. Also way too many unresolved issues. Not a good solution to the block size issue.
-- Some guy on reddit